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  • Fiware
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ITEA3 CALL4: Decentralized data hub. Polder

Project accomplished in partnership with 15 organizations from 4 European countries -Spain, Finnland, Romania and Turkey - to create a decentralized data center. The main goal is to provide smart cities with the capability to audit and monetize their data with Fiware and Hyperledger Fabric. The main result: Libra is an automatically managed authentication module for a permissioned system of decentralized data usage based on Fireware. It allows to auditing and monitoring smart cities data. In February 2021, Wealize obtained a partially reimbursable aid of  299,380.20€ from CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development, co-financed with FEDER funds) for the execution of the project.

  • Own product
  • Traceability
  • Blockchain


Design and development of an ecosystem of IoT applications and devices which allow full traceability of gold and other precious metals from artisanal and small-scale (MAPE) mining to first world wholesalers. This project has been funded by CDTI under the NEOTEC program (call for 2.019), with a non-refundable aid of € 250,000.